Should I buy a bike and practice before the class?

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This is a great question. New riders might believe that it is better to get a bike and practice before coming to our class. However, this is not necessarily correct for several reasons:

  • Our course is designed to take new riders through full orientation with motorcycle familiarization activities (assuming the rider has not had any formal experience with the motorcycle). This approach assures that new riders understand all components and controls associated with basic operation of the motorcycle. Adequate practice time is provided for riding activities as you learn on our range.
  • The course takes a similar approach toward riding instruction: We apply a step-by-step building block process toward learning —assuming all riders have no formal training. This ensures that fundamental concepts around starting, stopping, acceleration, braking, cornering, etc. are delivered with everyone learning the same skill application throughout the course.
  • If you already know some things about riding, it is possible you might have developed some bad habits over time that might be considered poor riding practices. Allowing us to take you through the riding curriculum from the “ground up” helps keep the riding experience positive and gives you time focus on your skill development as you learn (and hopefully adjust those less than perfect habits).

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