Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions/Cancellation Policy

Please read to understand our terms, cancellation procedures and guarantees.

If you cannot make the scheduled class you must let us know, by phone and in writing, 10 days prior to class for a refund. There will be a $30 administrative fee for terminating the class. If you want to reschedule a class there is a $25 administrative fee. You will not be eligible for any refund if you reschedule a class within 10 days. You will need to purchase another class. If you do not bring your completed E course certificate to class, you WILL NOT get the waiver. The E course must be completed within 30 days prior to class.

You need a valid NJ drivers license or a valid permit to take this class. Out of state license does not qualify for the waiver. A driving permit does not qualify for the waiver.

If you miss any of the sessions for any reason such as: not coordinated enough to balance, are having trouble riding and decide to leave, the instructors suggest private lessons, you commit an unsafe act, or you come late (10 minutes or more to classroom or 1 min late to the riding portion) and the instructors send you home, you will not be eligible for a refund. You will have register for another class. If you come late to the riding portion you will be sent home (even if it’s only by 5 min).

Course goes on rain or shine.

Important notes:

  • You must be able to balance and ride a bicycle to take this class.
  • The course goes on rain or shine.
  • You do not need a motorcycle permit as of 9/26/11 to take this class. If you have a permit already, you must bring it to class we need to see it even if it is expired.
  • We cannot guarantee you passing the class. Motorcycling is not for everyone but we want you to be successful. We will do what we can to help you succeed.

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