Are you ready to ride?

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Adopting a safety mindset when riding is something every motorcyclist needs to do-every time they get on their bike. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is “Am I ready to ride”? While it is true that motorcycling can lower stress and oftentimes improve our mood; sometimes life pressures can distract us from having our “whole self’ present when we set out to ride-and that can change our risk and safety offsets significantly.

You must always be “in the moment” when you ride-completely present to focus on all your riding activities. If you had a difficult day with family, your boss or significant other, you might want to re-think the timing of your ride until you are able to focus properly. Doing so will help you properly respond to the factors that will be occurring as you ride your motorcycle. Distraction is often the number one reason riders make unsafe choices in traffic situations.

Remember: Whenever you ride, the most important person to worry about is YOU. Your goal is to ensure you make it home safely-every time. Never allow distractions or the need to escape life’s pressures overshadow your thinking or judgment. You must always be mentally present and focused when considering taking your bike out-even if it is just around the block.

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