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A-BRC (Additional Basic Rider Course)


Additional Practice Riding Course -    A-PRC

This course is a good refresher course for someone that already passed a BRC ( basic rider course)If you did not pass the BRC and you pass this course you would get the waiver. You must have taken the BRC within 90 days of this class.

You need to have taken a Basic Rider Course already. It doesnt matter which site . You will need your original paperwork from the provider you took the course at. Which includes your confirmation,Class # and date, written test and riding test scores.The class is done in several hours and upon successful completion you will get the waiver for the roadtest. You have to have taken a BRC class within 120 days of the A-BRC( additional Riding). Your permit must be valid to take this course if you dont have the "M" endorsement.

These classes are rain or shine, they are on weekdays The fee is $150.00

Use the Contact Us page to make arrangements

Call to arrange a class during the week. Classes are only given during daylight hours on weekdays.

If you took the BRC with Motorcycle Riding Centers you could also just do a re-test with practice-fee $50.

Gift Certificates Available