Why You Shouldn’t Fear Motorcycles

Shari Ives Instructor Tips

Fear can be bad when referring to riding a motorcycle depending on the level of fear. Usually it’s more of an apprehensive fear of the unknown. This is normal and actually expected at first. Lets talk about this.

A lot of my students come to class nervous, but we always get them confident enough to realize it will be OK. The one thing to remember is you should always have respect for the machine. Respect only happens when you realize the machine needs you to think and react appropriately to situations while you’re riding. What I mean is, you need to know what “you” should do so “your machine” reacts properly and safely in a given situation.

Think of yourself as an extension of your bike, so everything you do, the bike will do. Since the control you have while riding a bike is very different from the control you have while driving a car, this will take a little getting used to.  Again, having some fear and hesitation is natural and even expected at first, but if you allow this feeling to affect you to the point where you are physically shaking at just the thought of riding a bike, that may be a sign that riding is not for you.

But the only way you will know for sure if riding is right for you is to take the class. The class goes through all the basics, step by step. You’ll either grow to love it or you’ll come to hate it, but you’ll never know until you take that first step.  If you are interested in riding, come take the class with us. Let’s see if it’s for you!

The day you lose respect for the bike, is the day to give up riding…Hope to see you soon!