Why I Started Riding A Motorcycle

Shari Ives Instructor Tips

Its a funny and sad thing actually. The rule in my family was when my mother is dead, you can learn. Until then, no motoriverdale rangercycle. Unfortunately my mom lost her battle to cancer. I didn’t think about riding right away. It took a few years and then one day my next door neighbor got home from dirt bike riding and their bikes and trailer were a dirty mess. I looked over and thought wow that must have been fun. My neighbors kid, a ten year old boy, said that riding wasn’t for girls. You should have seen the look on my face when he said that! I thought, “He did not just say that to me?” Well he did and was laughing his you know what off.

I said oh yeah we will see…

I went in the house, searched for how to ride a motorcycle, and registered on the spot for the first available class. That class was a 5 month wait at the time. There were only 2 schools doing the safety class and I didn’t know anyone that rode on the street. My neighbor mostly rode dirt bikes.

I would have never had just anyone teach me. I wanted to learn from the professionals. I didn’t want to learn anyone else’s bad habits. I can do that on my own. After a few years of riding I decided that teaching people to ride was a great way for me to give back to the community that I care so much about. So I started my own school in 2008. I am very safety conscience and hope that I, as well as my other instructors, give you good tools to potentially keep you out of a dangerous situation.

My new favorite line in class is: “If Capt. Sully Sullenberger had only been in the simulator one time would he have been able to land a plane on the Hudson River a few years ago?” Probably not! So why wouldn’t you take a class or only take a basic class?

You should take a safety class every 2-3 years to correct those bad habits you will develop over time.

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