Shari Ives Instruction

With an overactive imagination and skills to back that imagination, Karl Renolt seeks to build a custom bike like no other. When his client Kevin came to him, requesting a Honda CX500 with a well put together folder of photos and diagrams, the enigmatic frenchman, with a knack for the audacious, went to work to deliver exactly what Kevin had wanted. Karl brought the Honda CX500 to the shop and stripped it down; leaving nothing but the steering column. Feeling like the original frame was offensive to the modesty and value of the bike, he rebuilt the entire frame. Now equipped with mono-shock conversion at the rear, only the wheels and engine remained from the original bike. The custom bike is now finished with warm broody tones, a splash of red on the engine block, and a “Rising Sun” design cut into the triple clamps and custom rear-set plates. The new design host a performance radiator and electrical fan, and the battery has been relocated to below the swing arm pivot. The cockpit is now equipped with clip-ons, new levers, mini switches, and biltwell grips. Vintage Marshal Rally unit headlights light the way for this custom design. It also has LED tail lights under the rear hoop, as well as LED turn signals mounted at the rear. However, this bike does not have any forward turn signals, mirrors or speedo. It has one off tank shaped out of resin, carbon, and Kevlar, which flows neatly into a custom seat that is covered in leather and alcantara. While it’s not the Honda CX500 Kevin asked for, he did find a tear in his eye from pure love for his new bike. Karl later stated, “I tried to make him what he wanted, and not what he asked for. Sometimes there is a difference.”