Touring Tip: Five Common Sources of Motorcycle Accidents & Strategies For Avoiding Them

Shari Ives Safety Tips

  1. Oncoming, Left Turning Vehicle: Possibly one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is when the driver of an oncoming vehicle does not see a motorcyclist coming and makes a quick left turn right in the bikers path. Be as conspicuous as possible; use auxiliary lights and high visibility riding gear. Look for indications that the oncoming driver may not see you: no eye contact, hands turning the steering wheel, or movement of the left front wheel. Finally, drive at safe speeds in congested traffic to allow safer stopping.


  1. Animals in the road: Keep an eye out for all animals, it doesn’t matter how big or small they can cause an accident. Always scan the road and terrain up ahead for animals, pay attention to warning road signs, be alert when riding especially the early morning and evenings, and adjust your speed when in high risk areas, keep the clutch and brake levers covered in case of emergency stopping.
  1. Gravel on blind curves: Riding over gravel with the bike leaned over at high speeds almost always results in a crash. To avoid this, pay attention to your surroundings. Gravel is more likely to be present around construction zones, after heavy rain, and in driveways in rural areas. The best techniques are to avoid the gravel, stand the bike up, and apply maximum braking.
  1. Cars changing lanes: Always stay out of the blind spots of other drivers and maximize the space between rider and other vehicles. If riding on the interstate cannot be avoided during rush hour, try staying in the far left lane so only traffic on the right side has to be monitored.
  1. Excessive Speed in a curve: Slow the bike before entering a curve and then accelerate out of it. Even highly skilled riders should always keep some of his bikes lean in reserve in case it is needed.


Via Road Runner