Top 10 best-selling Kawasakis

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While other manufacturers focus on ranges with scores of scooters and 125cc learner bikes, Kawasaki has little to offer learners or commuters and instead focuses on the big bikes. To decide which is best, we have scoured the latest official Government registration figures for the first half of 2015 to find out exactly which models are selling and which are not. There was a strong demand for non-ABS versions of bikes. The price of ABS is coming down, as we are in the last year that big bikes without anti-lock brakes can be legally manufactured. While there are 200 ZX-10R registrations so far this year, the highest individual version of this bike only registered 72 registrations between January and June, so it didn’t make the list.


Here are the top ten Kawasaki’s for the first half of 2015.


  1. EX650 FFF ABS (90 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

As you can see this bike only had 90 registrations and also has ABS.


  1. ZX1400 FFFA ABS Performance S (110 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

This is the “Performance Sport” version of the bike normally known as the ZZR1400 in this country (known as the ZX-14R in others).  Even the latest generation of superbikes will struggle to match the ageing ZZR for flat-out pace and accelerations.


  1. ZX1400 FFF ABS (111 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

With just one registration more than the ZZR1400, the ZX1400 is a place ahead of the “Performance Sport” model. The two combined could make third place on the list.


  1. ER650 EFF (132 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

This is the basic, naked ER-6n, with no anti-lock brakes. While many riders now accept anti-lock; it seems that more seem to have been happy to save 400 euros difference in price and accept the non-ABS model.


  1. ZX 1000 LFF (146 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

Kawasaki’s tricky naming policy when it comes to registrations means there’s a host of different models all going under the ‘ZX1000’ tag, ranging from the ZX-10R to the Z1000, but the ‘LFF’ is the non-ABS version of the Z1000SX sports-tourer.


  1. EN650 BFF ABS (157 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

This is the new Velcan S cruiser. It is a pretty impressive sales performance for a bike that is a spin off from the ER-6.


  1. EX650 EFF (179 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

This one is the non-ABS version of the ER-6f.


  1. KLE650 FFF ABS (180 registrations, Jan- June 2015)

The most expensive model in Kawasaki’s 650cc parallel twin fime, the Versys 650, only comes with ABS. It is also 1350 euros more than the entry level ER-6n and is still the best selling of the line.


  1. KLZ1000 BFF (235 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

The Versys 1000 is Kawasaki’s second best seller and only comes with anti-lock braking.


  1. ZX1000 MFF ABS (334 registrations, Jan-June 2015)

Better known as the ABS equipped version of the Z1000SX, the ZX1000 MFF is the best seller, and the registrations of this version more than doubles those of the non anti-lock bike.