Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Shari Ives Safety Tips

While riding a motorcycle is one of my most enjoyable forms of transportation, it is also one of the most dangerous. We can’t control everything, but we can know the ins and outs of riding safety to make your travels safer. Motorcycle safety should be your number one priority at all times when riding. Here is a general safety overview to follow.


Riding gear:

Riding isn’t about looking cool; safety is far more important. Clothing such as running shoes, gym shorts, t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses should not be worn when riding a motorcycle. After all, road rash doesn’t look too cool when your face is torn up and you have broken bones. Be dressed for safety from head to toe. Here is what you should wear:


  1. Helmets – The most important part of your gear is your helmet. It protects the most important body part, and keeps your face safe from flying objects.
  2. Gloves – The proper type of motorcycle glove will protect your hands from serious road rash.
  3. Jackets – Leather is the most protective material against road rash or broken bones. Textile and mesh will do just fine during the summer heat as well.
  4. Boots – When shopping for boots the most important factor is proper ankle protection.
  5. Pants – Armored pants can mean the difference between small bruises and scrapes, and a shattered knee.



Maintain your bike:

  1. Check your tires – Save on gas and insure your safety by making sure your tires are properly inflated.
  2. Check your mirrors – This can be life saving. Make sure your mirrors are adjusted correctly.
  3. Check your brakes – Checking your brake fluid reservoir levels, swapping out old brake pads and rotors, and checking your lines and levers are important steps to maintaining and functional and safe braking system.
  4. Check your lights and horns – Make sure all your lights and horns are working before each ride.
  5. Service Regularly – Get your oil changed, and replace filters, tires, and brakes.



Motorcycle Riding Tips:

  1. Avoid Target Fixation – This is one of the number one causes of accidents in new riders.
  2. Watch out for debris/road hazards – Especially important around turns.
  3. Don’t drive under the influence or when tired.
  4. Practice defensive riding. Ride like you are invisible, because you really are. Most of the time you are in someone’s blind spot.
  5. Don’t ride like a jackass. Don’t be one of those guys who care more about looking cool over being safe.