‘The Musket’ – Hazan Motorworks

Shari Ives Cool Stuff

Two time Pipeburn’s Bike of the Year Award winner, Maxwell Hazan, has taken two Royal Enfield 500cc engines and turned the two engines into a single 1000cc V-twin, with the help of Mr. Aniket Vardhan, and then constructed a bike that might be the best looking custom bike ever seen. The Musket’ Royal Enfield V-twin, is a project that Hazan has wanted to build for some time now. The bike was originally handcrafted from a wood block and then Aniket Vardhan hand casted the beautiful bike. Everything on the bike was handcrafted except for the tires, wheels, and headlight. Deciding which tires to use on the bike was not an easy choice to make. Hazan went through four sets, but chose to go with huge BF Goodrich Silverton care tires. With such a large engine, and large frame, the standard bike tires would not do well on the bike.

The shape of the tank, the angles in the frame, and the pipes were tweaked, scrapped, and redone until they were perfected. Wanting to keep the handlebars clean and free of wires as much as possible, he ran an internal throttle cable through the ⅞”. A hand shift and clutch were added to clean up the lower controls. The bike has a very small battery made from an antigravity unit that has been designed to fit inside the fuel tank. The rest of the ignition and electronics where housed under the engine to allow better airflow and less exposed wires. The tank’s case is intended to showcase the motor, so Max made a thin, polished aluminum tank and fender from scratch. The seat was crafted out of aged walnut, coated in 15 layers of polyurethane lacquer, and then polished. The bike has about 55hp and a 6.5:1 compression ratio. It may not be a fast bike, but speed was not the intention.

Via Pipeburn