Shari Ives Fashion/Gear

It seems pretty difficult to create a true four-season jacket; but now you can rest assured knowing that Held has built a stunningly good three season hunk of handsome. Built with a Cordura/Gore-Tex “pro textile” outer layer and fitted with a Coolmax breathable inner liner, the jacket is waterproof with no need for any over layers.


There are straps at the hips, waist, and biceps to tailor fit the jacket. The SAS-TEC protection in the shoulders and elbows is labeled quattrotempi. Although it is a four-season jacket, the garment is too stuffy for extra hot weather. It is, however, perfect for the other three seasons, which is when you will find the Cadora really shines. Last fall, I rode both during the rain and on days that it was 80 degrees. The jacket was just fine in the 80s,  in the 50s, and in the pouring rain. There is no need for a raincoat because this jacket is 100 percent waterproof.


The seams in the finish of the jacket are perfect. The jacket looks amazing and costs around $860 for sizes S to 3XL. They also have women’s sizes. While it might be a little pricey, we can safely say that it is well worth it, especially if you don’t like getting wet on your rides. This jacket is a great splurge.


Via Motorcyclist Online