Suzuki Gixxer 250 Spied

Shari Ives Cool Stuff

Suzuki has released its new 250cc sports bike, which is set to go on sale in Asia and India as the Gixxer 250. Rumor has it the bike is derived from the Inazuma, which already meets the required emission standards. This could mean this bike will make an awesome entirely level sports bike in Europe.


The bolt positions and casing shape on the left hand side of the engine appear to match those of the Inazuma, which suggests that it has the same 24hp, 248cc parallel twin engine. This would put this bike at the end of its performance scale for this class of bike. The bike is a two cylinder, unlike its rival the Honda 30hps CBR300R, which is a single cylinder. The higher end twin cylinders like the Yamaha R3 is in a completely different league. While power might be down, this bike would be likely to undercut its opposition on price as well.


The style of the bike is clearly Suzuki. The chassis appear to be similar to the Inazuma steel frame with a box section swing arm.


Via Visor Down