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With the development of sport bikes growing at a fast pace, it can be easy to forget about some of the older big-engine machines such as the Honda CBX, with meaty inline six measuring 1047cc and producing a 105bhp. This is more than you will get from the latest Honda CBR600RR. The Honda CBX sat unloved on a showroom floor of a Parisian dealer for two years. Then Boulmich Moto dropped the price nearly two thousand Euros, and still nothing. It continued to sit there. Olivier Renouf, one-fourth of the Bad Seeds Motorcycle club, was able to put the CBX on the bench; the new stance and bodywork were the most obvious changes. Bad Seeds converted the CBX “Pro-Link’ mono shock rear end to a twin shock arrangement.


With a Kawasaki ZRX1100 rear end and the swing arm’s been braced, they also added a new sub frame to accommodate a pair of Ohlins shocks. The fuel tank is a modified Harley Sportster item, the seat was adapted from the Honda CB900 Bol d’Or, and the braking system has been treated to braided hoses There is also a healthy amount of hand made aluminum parts, with graphics inspired by Japan’s An-Bu Customs. Loaded with subtle touches and neat upgrades, a keen eye will notice a row of Keihin FCR43 carbs, adorned with bright red velocity stacks..