Riding Onto An Obstacle On The Road

Shari Ives Safety Tips

No matter what terrain you are riding on, you will eventually end up riding your bike towards a sudden obstacle. When riding up on a small object, your first reaction is to serve around it. This can be dangerous, however, as you do not have enough time to know what is riding up next to you. Another reaction is to hit the brakes. This could work, but you will need to check your rear first. If there is an 18 wheeler behind you, it will never be able to stop as fast as you can. If there is nothing behind you, great! In the case that something does come up behind you, here are some pointers to help out:


  1. Line up as much as you can to hit the object straight on. Hitting an object at an angle will cause you to crash.
  2. Hold on firmly to the handlebar. If you ride with 2 or 3 fingers covering the brake lever, your fingers might just action the brakes, which could be bad.
  3. Depending on your motorcycle type, just before hitting the object, lower your center of gravity by standing on your foot pegs.
  4. Don’t stand fully on your pegs, raise yourself enough to have your knees bent so they absorb the impact.
  5. Just before hitting the object, open the throttle just enough to accelerate.
  6. Shift your weight to the front when you cross the object with your front wheel.


If you went over a hard object, check your bike for damage after you come to a safe stop. Repeat the steps in your head and try the process a few times on a quiet road or parking lot.