4 Tips for Riding in Hot Weather

Shari Ives Instructor Tips, Safety Tips

  1. Stay hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated before, during, and after venturing out on your motorcycle. Odds are, you will need more hydration thank you think, so plan ahead. Pack water with you in your saddlebags or book bag. 
  2. Avoid tar snakes. Several state departments of transportation use tar-like materials to correct cracks in road pavement. Riders call them tar snakes because they snake along the road. Tar snakes are not only slippery when wet, but also when temperatures are high. Try to approach them at a 90º angle while reducing engine power, if possible. 
  3. As temperatures rise, wind chill has the opposite effect. The air around you is hotter than your core body temperature, so riding through it at high speeds feels hotter instead of cooler. As you can see from the chart below, riding at 65mph in 100º weather actually feels like 105º!


  1. Cover up with moisture-wicking athletic wear. Covering up seems counterintuitive to cooling off, but reducing your skin’s exposure to the heat of the sun will allow your body to regulate your temperature more easily and avoid sunburns. Furthermore, the material draws sweat away from the body to be evaporated through the shirt and cooling you down.