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Halloween Rideout Brings Chaos to South London


A group called UK Raise It Up brought disruption to south London on Halloween night, October 31st, with a Halloween rideout that was coordinated using Facebook. There were as many as 200 riders confirmed to be in convoy across Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon, Bromley, and Lewisham.


The riders were seen doing things such as setting off fireworks, pulling wheelies, mounting pavements, even jumping red lights. In London, only specially trained officers can stop motorcyclists. The police received several complaints and when asked why they had not stopped the riders, their response that they could not engage and were waiting on a tactical plan from the specialist units.


No arrests were reported, but it is difficult to imagine getting away with such reckless behavior.






Help Protect Your Bike During Transport With Knockrz


Knockrz is an inflatable system designed to add extra protection to motorcycles and minimize or avoid damage to the motorcycle when being transported. It was awarded a utility patent by the USPO. Motorcycles are typically transported by chocking the front tire and tightly strapping the handlebars from each side to the floor. This method works great until something loosens up. With Knockrz you will eliminate the empty space between one motorcycle and another, or whatever the bike is being transported with. The idea for this concept took shape after witnessing the damage to expensive bikes after they had became loose in the trailer. It’s a good investment to protect your prized possession.