Motorcycle Updates

Shari Ives Instruction

Being the world’s largest manufacturer of both 2 and 4 wheel engines, with sales of 28 million engines per year, Honda created the Project 2&4 to celebrate their great success. This new car, which carries a go-kart style, has the look and maneuverability of a standard four-wheel car and the openness and revving of a motorcycle.

Using creative craftsmanship, and weighing only 883 with a low center mass, Project 2&4 contains a four-stroke V4 engine, RC213V, basically the MotoGP racing engine which has been modified for the streets. The RC213v will peak at 213 mph at 13,000 rmp

This go-kart style car has floating seats, which puts the driver as close to the ground as possible. With no windshield or dashboard, this car does not have any safety features at all, which means it will never be sold to customers. You can, however, find it this month at the Frankfurt Auto Show.


Zef Eisenburg runs and operates Maxicorp Autosports, located on the island of Guernsey, and builds out of the box, high-performance machinery. He recently built a V8 engine for a motorcycle with a knockout speed of 207 MPH on the standing mile blast with no fairing or upright bars. He added a flat plane crank, which eliminates rumble and enables a lighter engine design. The build took four years to get perfected. Weighing in at 180 pounds, the engine has now been placed in the bike with eight independent throttle bodies with tuned intake stacks and a compact six-speed transmission.

This impressive engine has fans saying, “ No fairing and 207 mph? – Goodness!!! It is a wonder the test rider did not get BLOWN OFF the bloody bike!” We agree. With those types of results from the start, things could get pretty interesting soon.