Motorcycle Riding During Fall and Winter

Shari Ives Safety Tips

There are a few things to look out for this time of year but here are two critical things to keep in mind this fall and winter season.


Leaves are a huge hazard this time of year. When approaching a turn, curve, etc. scan ahead for the hazards close to the curb or shoulder. Avoid all piles of leaves. Hurricanes are going to make a mess of roads so consider not riding at all until the roads and power lines are repaired. If it snows and they put salt down, don’t ride until it rains and washes the salt away. Salt can corrode chrome and paint.

As a precaution I always apply a coat of wax to all parts of the bike before I take it out in the winter. It will help to wipe off the salt if any gets on it.

Winterizing your bike

Some people stop riding in November. If that is you make sure you put the bike on a battery tender, put Sta-bil in your gas tank, and fill the tank to the top. Use Sta-bil every time you fill the tank if you continue to ride. If you are considering riding in the winter months consider getting heated gear.

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