Motorcycle Helmet Types

Shari Ives Safety Tips


So do you really need a helmet?


The answer is YES! Of course it is a personal choice whether to wear one or not, DOT or not. The facts are that a helmet can save your life. I didn’t know that until I took a safety class. I didn’t know there was a difference in helmets other than how much covers my head and face. There is a big difference. Did you know that helmets have an expiration date? They do, if you look inside (under he comfort padding) there is a sticker when the helmet was made.

They suggest you replace the helmet in about 5 years of THAT date not the date you bought it. Once a helmet is made, the inner shell made of polystyrene starts to disintegrate. If you are currently wearing a helmet older than 5 years, get rid of it. It wont protect you in the event of a crash. A crash = the helmet hits the ground. Whether you drop it from seat height or crash. Helmets are good for 1 drop only.

Things to look for

A helmet is the best gear you can buy to potentially save your life. If you value your life you should always wear one. Try for a bright colored one. Black helmets and jackets don’t help you to be seen. Be seen!

Beware of online helmets. How do you know when it was made? Will it fit me properly? Why is it cheaper than my local store? Here are the answers: Helmets are non-refundable so if you get it and it doesn’t fit or has and expired date, you are stuck with it. How do you know if someone dropped it? Beware of sales on helmets they probably are older and they are trying to get rid of them. I don’t take that chance. I go to my local dealer where I get questions answered and can try on many kinds. Each manufacturer fits differently.

I listed few helmet stats for you to consider before you choose a helmet:

  • Helmet use can reduce risk up to 50% ETSC
  • Head injuries are responsible for 75% of deaths among 2 wheel users-World Health Organ
  • Snell 2010 cert helmets offer 60-110% more impact energy management capability than ECE helmet’s and 40-80% more than DOT.


  1. Always wear a helmet while riding
  2. A snugly fit helmet will become comfortable after use
  3. Always securely and snugly fasten the chinstrap
  4. Use only warm water and mild soap when cleaning a helmet.
  5. Never place a helmet so that a projection, such as a motorcycle mirror, can dent the liner
  6. Never trust a helmet after its impacted in a crash.Replace it with a new one.
  7. Never use windex or anything other than water on the inside of a “anti fog” visor or you will wipe away the anti fog.

I hope this help you to decide what suits you best. Remember our bikes and gear are a personal choice, just make the right one for you. Till next time, see you on the road!

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