Shari Ives Beginner

Most of the time buyers will browse and shop around at several dealerships to compare prices and selections, as well as to get a feel of the atmosphere of the dealership. It is always good to make sure if the buyer is shopping for the best deal, he or she actually finds the best deal.


  1. If you are shopping for prices and only prices, you might end up paying more. While you may get a larger discount at the second dealership you stop at, it doesn’t mean your overall price is going to be better. Plus if you have a trade in, the value of that trade in will also vary from dealer to dealer.
  2. Are you coming back? If you are shopping around but not planning on coming back to the first stop you made, then you are not really taking all the variables into consideration. You might be leaving money on the table if you do not come back to the first stop again.
  3. Are you buying today? If you are not buying within the next two days then understand that contributing factors to the deal may change the overall price structure, such as promotional period for the factory rebates or incentives ending or the bike you want being sold to someone else.

Shopping around is something I encourage, but look at the whole picture. It is not just what you are paying for the bike. Be sure you are getting the best bike and best deal, not just the lowest price.


Via Motorcyclist Online