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The ‘Super Duc’ is the posh twin of the Fuller Moto’s ‘Dirty Duc’. When Bryan Fuller had the idea for the Dirty Duc, he also had an idea to build a pair. He wanted two custom dirt bikes at the 6000-acre Durhamtown off-road resort and around the streets of downtown Atlanta.


The first bike was picked up at the Barber Vintage Festival and was based off the 60s model, bevel-driven Ducati 250 Scrambler. The engine was taken to Rich Lambrechts at DesmoPro to be rebuilt. It just so happened that Rick also had enough parts to build a second engine and the Super Duc was then born.


Both chassis are the same. The tail sections are new and the swing arms were extended by two inches; meaning they also had to fabricate a custom chain guide and tensioner arrangement. The Super Duc was upgraded with electronic ignitions and 12V conversions, Speed Cell Lithium-ion batteries, K&N filters, and ARP stainless steel fasteners. The wheels are Borrani shouldered rims with Pirelli MT 21 RallyCross tires. Both bikes received customer exhausts that were handmade with Cone Engineering mufflers. The project stalled when Bryan couldn’t find the right tank for the bike. The Dirty Duc had an alloy tank and he wanted one just like it for the Super Duc. It took him two years, but he finally found the perfect tank, a NOS 1974 Penton tank.


When it was almost ready to hit the dirt, Bryan changed his mind about keeping it, stating that handing people an expensive, right side shift motorcycle to thrash wasn’t the smartest idea. So instead he sold it for someone to own and enjoy.


Via Bike Exif