Leather, Luxury, Warmth and Protection

Shari Ives Fashion/Gear

There is a full complement of gen-u-wine CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors underneath the cool exterior of the new Spidi Firebird jacket. The protectors are not noticeable even when you are looking for them, and they disappear once you put the jacket on. You can wear this jacket anywhere you want to, and it would hardly be recognizable as protective gear.  While the Firebird is cozy, warm and stylish, that is not all there is too this jacket.


The shell of the jacket is made from a type of Nubuck leather that has a mild buffed finish. The sub 1mm thick leather may not be optimal for ultimate abrasion protection, but it is user friendly. The collar has real sheepskin in a caramel color and is very comfortable.  The liner in the Firebird jacket is designed to be worn as one piece. The liner snaps into the jacket shell with 10 tiny snaps running up each side. Even the liner sleeve cuffs attach to the inside of the jacket with snaps. The jacket has four pockets: three zipper pockets located on the front and one zipper pocket on the upper right shoulder. There is also a pocket on the inside left pocket that has a 150mm long zipper, which is big enough to hold a wallet or phone.


The multi-tech protectors are used in the Spidi jackets and the Forcetech protectors are the type included in some of the very expensive Spidi jackets. While the jacket may not have all the straps and connectors one might expect from a motorcycle jacket, the tailored fit of this jacket is what helps keep the protection in place.



Via We Bike World