Klim Altitude Women’s Gear-Early Adopter Blues

Shari Ives Fashion/Gear

The Klim Altitude women’s jacket previously was only available in light grey, which is not the best color for regular riding as it gets dirty easy, but typically comes clean fairly easy so no big deal, right? Wrong. After thousands of miles, it was time to clean the suit. Cleaning is an important part of keeping the jacket waterproof. No matter the weather; rain, snow, sunny heat, this suit will keep you dry. The Klim Altitude suit comes with washing instructions. After following those instructions, however, the suit was still very dirty. Even after letting the jacket and pants soak in Oxi-clean and scrubbing the grease spots, the suit still did not come clean. It is highly recommended if you do purchase this suit to wash it regularly.


The cut and style of the jacket is great. It gives room in troubled areas, but is not flappy in others. It has side vertical pockets at the hip that zip, but may not be super secure.If you forget to zip the pockets, you are likely to lose something. It also has two large vertical pockets on the front of the jacket with tethers and clamps inside which are great for cameras or SPOT trackers. The pants have a low rise waist which feels too low when in a seated position. Hip pockets are too shallow to put anything bigger than money or chapstick in.


Overall pros of the Klim Altitude suit: the quality, fit, and finish are all great; It is waterproof and will keep you dry no matter what weather you are riding in; and the elastic band clips inside the front pockets are wonderful. The cons: it does not come clean so if you purchase the light color you should wash regularly; the zipper pulls become frayed and fuzzy from snagging, and the rise of the pants is too low.


Klim released a black suit in 2015 that would make this suit well worth the $1000 price tag.