Icon Reign Waterproof Boots for Women and Men

Shari Ives Fashion/Gear

As someone who is not a shoe person, I need my riding shoes to do it all. The number one priority is that they are waterproof. They must also allow room to breathe and moist air to escape. Second is safety, followed by comfort.


After many weeks of research, I came across the Icon Reign waterproof boots. With their design team located in Oregon, I figured they would know a few things about waterproofing boots. These boots are lightweight, however, the leather is thick and feels substantial. The boot is very sturdy and the soles have good grips. The boots are nine inches tall and have 100% waterproof seam sealed construction.  The waterproof lining and zipper gusset end just below the top of the zipper, which gives you 7 inches from sole to the top of the liner. They have a large zipper pull with hook and loop fabric backing that allows it to be secured under the top flap.


On the first pair of boots I ordered, the zipper separated. With the second pair I worked the zippers and added some petroleum jelly. I performed a ,5-minute bucket test to see how waterproof the boots really were. I filled it with 5 inches of water and stepped inside for 5 minutes. After the test, the boots were heavy and the outer layers had soaked up some water but my socks and the inside of the boot was dry.


With an injection molded shin guard, hard ankle protector on the outside, and another hidden ankle protector on the inside, the boots offer great protection. When the boots first arrived they were stiff. After wearing them around the house for an hour or so, however, they began to loosen up and become much more comfortable. A little more height would have been great in the toe. Overall the boots are great. The more I wear them, the more comfortable they get and the more I like them.