Fit for McQueen: Mule’s Triumph Scrambler

Shari Ives Cool Stuff, News

The most recent Triumph Scrambler to emerge from Richard Polluck’s Mule Motorcycles Workshop is so furious and cool that even Steve McQueen would own one. Commissioned by West Virginian Sean Hutchinson, the Triumph has a Hinckley lump’s knee friendly electric starter, which would be greatly appreciated by McQueen. While Hutchinson loved the look of the previous Mole, Catalina Scrambler, he wanted something with more heat coming from the furnace. So he ordered a Triumph performance USA 904cc big bore kit, along with hi-po cams and headwork. But that’s not all, he also added billet intake manifolds, Kehin FCR 38mm carbs and new ignition unit. The Triumph Scrambler also received up pipes, which are inspired by Honda’s 305 Scrambler. The bike has a custom sixties look with added touches made by Saddleman to meet Polluck’s specs. Flat track handlebars with a Rentha crossbar, which was inspired from Richard’s own personal MXer, give beautiful and stylish touches to the bike. To work with Polluck’s vertically mounted oil cooler kit, he added abbreviated front frame downtubes from Mole’s lineup.

 The Triumph also has Booneville headlight which is held in place with a Baja-style mounting rings and LSL tail lights. The fenders and rear were painted to match the two tone gas tank. While Polluck was able to sale Hutchinson on retro-looking drum brakes; the owner was set on binders matching the performance of the bike’s motor: a four leading shoe, twin-air scoop front hung from, and a 1972 motor which is a favorite in cafe racers today. The brakes were completely restored, being bored for larger bearings. A rear hub was added from a 1976 XS650 Yamaha along with a Swiss-cheesed aluminum sprocket. You don’t need Steve McQueensbank account to own a bike of his liking; the Triumph Scrambler can be yours for around $35,000.