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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride takes over London – The 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride took place last Sunday in the streets of London where riders were seen wearing their Sunday best. The ride took place to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research.  With 64 cities worldwide participating in the event, it is an international affair that’s both fun and serious. Events are held in all participating countries. The UK raised a total of 226,165.24 euros. The United States had 36,915 riders and raised an impressive $2,253,652. The events are family friendly and have many youths lurking around. These events challenge the perceptions of the safety-driven naysayers and are essential to the future growth of the motorcycle industry. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride engages so many people with friendly spirits, which hasve always been so predominant within the motorcycling community.  The ride has been a massive success all over the world. Only being two years old, the event has already raised so much money.

2016 Ducati Diavel Carbon is Ready to RumbleThe 2016 Diavel Carbon is the newest Ducati Diavel, a unique, different, innovative, and brave bike. Strengthened by a style that has won over the motorcycle community, it has opened new horizons for the Ducati brand.” According to Ducati in a press release. It has a dry weight figure of 205 kilos and 1662 horsepower. Filled with the usual complement of electronics including ABS and multi-stage traction control. The Diavel Carbon gets Asphalt grey colour with visible carbon fiber weave, red stripes, and dark chrome finish on the chassis. The seat is redesigned for improved ergonomics and also available in Dark Stealth black with a matt black tank, frame, and wheels.