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In 2014, Guinness World Records named Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, the world’s largest collection of vintage and contemporary motorcycles. Currently, the museum is 144,000 square feet with 1,398 exhibits and will be gaining an additional 85,000 square feet; adding a glass atrium and expanding all current stores. The museum will remain open during construction, which will be lead by Birmingham-based architect, Williams Blackstock and contractor BL Harbert International. The new space will not only showcase more motorcycles but will also display some pretty awesome travel exhibits. The expansion of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is not the only big development happening in the world of motorcycles.

With less than 1000 Harley Davidson Royal Enfield brand bikes sold in 2014, the team is now focusing on building the brand up with a Milwaukee team. The team intends to make the brand the number one brand in the market from the 250cc to 750cc. With a price tag between $5000 to $6000 and being a lightweight bike, the bike has a wide appeal. Rod Cope, former head of global sales and customer services stated, “We also see an opportunity for spouses of Harley riders, especially females who are used to riding on the back, to get their own bikes.” The Royal Enfield is also appealing to residents in larger cities where owning a car is too expensive or doesn’t meet their needs. The company does not plan to manufacture the bikes in the U.S. but could possibly offer customization in the U.S. The Milwaukee office will soon offer employment to 25 employees whereas it is currently at 12. The company currently sells three models in the U.S.; the 535cc Continental GT, the 499cc Classic, and the 499cc Bullet.

Harley has also approved a dividend of $0.31 per share for the third quarter of 2015 payable to holders of record of Common Stock.

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