Confessions of an Aging Motorcyclist

Shari Ives Instruction


Most know that I love the Street Triple, which was purchased new in 2009 after I had ridden a Honda Blackbird for 8 years prior. From touring to mentoring advanced riding classes, the bike has done very well. Not only is the bike reliable, but it is also the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden the Rusty Nuts 1000 miles in less than 24 hours ride on. While there has been no real hurry to replace the bike, the intention has always been to replace it with another Street Triple, possibly a sports R or RX version. After reading rumors that Triumph would be releasing an 800cc version of the Street Triple I was worried a little. Should I wait for the Triumph 800cc, if I do would I be waiting for a year or longer? Would I even like it? What if I purchased the 675 now and then later regretted not waiting on the 800cc?

When I was introduced to a fully faired Suzuki, I was able to realize there are other options to consider. While I was not in love with the appeal because I am more of a fan of naked bikes, I did like the fact that I could place both feet flat on the deck.

Fast forward a little to when I was running a training course in Auckland, I ran up on a Suzuki GSX-S 1000 at a dealer showroom.  After talking with the salesman for a minute, I decided to take the bike for a test drive. Within moments, I was amazed at how easy the transition from the Triple to the Suzuki was. The engine in the Suzuki produces around 145 ponies and traction control, plus ABS to deliver power and braking in a relatively simpler way.  Needless to say, I came back to the showroom and put a deposit on one.