Battle of the Body Protectors

Shari Ives Fashion/Gear

There are several benefits of ditching the stock protectors for protective armored underwear instead.

First, the armored underwear is elastic and positions the protectors right where they need to be unlike the elbow and shoulder protectors in a jacket that can easily slide around under clothing. These garments are designed with extra room for comfort; with that being said, it is nearly impossible for the protectors to stay in place. In addition, jackets are normally bought a size too big for comfort, which also takes away from the safety of the jacket.

Secondly, the stretchy fabric in the armored underwear feels comfortable. Looser fitting clothing slides over the top of the polyester fabric netting of the protective underwear and makes riding much more comfortable. The Bohn Bodyguard system comes in armored (knee, hip and tailbone protectors) and shirts, which have elbow and shoulder protectors along with a built in back protector.

The design of the underwear makes it easy to put on and take off. Both the shirt and pants slide very nicely underneath any motorcycle jacket or pant combination. Another plus is that it is easy to wash and care for. Simply fill a sink full of Woolite and wash by hand.

The issue with this underwear is it does not have a level rating. It is listed as CE approved, but riding with a protective jacket and pants is also recommended.

Even with the convenience of comfort and protection, the price is still a little high. A set of Bohn CoolAir underpants and shirt will cost about $340. Another down fall is that you have to put on an extra layer of clothing before heading out.