A Front and Rear Video Recording System

Shari Ives Instruction

There are some outstanding technologies and capabilities available for motorcyclist today. An example would be the INNOVV K1 front and rear onboard video recording camera system. It can be used for personal video recording or traffic monitoring. The kit contains almost everything needed to get up and running in short order and the installation should be relatively easy. The only thing the kit is missing is a flat or U-bracket mount for the cameras or a handlebar bracket to go along with the included holder. The default mode is an automatic start for recording as soon as the ignition is turned on. The system also has motion activation and G-sensor or shock based modes, both of which provide automatic file locking or saving. It is also designed for “set and forget” operations. Another cool feature of this kit is the GPS module, which provides real-time location data with video data and time correlation for locations and around the world. It also has forward collision warning system, 140-degree lens, and so much more.


The system comes in two configurations, one for four wheelers and the other for motorcycles. The biggest differences between the two are the lens or camera modules and the length of the data cables. The K1 kit includes a military grade pouch, which is a nice functional solution and should be used to protect the module once it is installed. The K1 will record 1080p/30fps or 720p at 30fps. The camera requires 5v at 2a for a 10W total power when recording. All inputs and outputs on the control box are clearly marked making set up easy. It has a 2.7’ LCD screen that provides a lot of information. The top and bottom segments provide setting and function information while the center is normally a live stream from the front, back or both cameras.


Via We Bike World