A 360° Motorcycle Dash Cam Setup  

Shari Ives Cool Stuff, Fashion/Gear

Motorcycle dash cams have become rapidly popular. There are three worthy of your attention:The Sena 10C, the INNOVV C3 action cam, and the Mobius action cam. It would be ideal to permanently mount a dash cam but you would need to take into consideration that electronics that record video in these devices generate heat and the heat must be dissipated to prevent the camera from cooking. The Sena 10C is weather resistant and gives a warning if the camera or device gets over heated. The INNOVV C3 has a waterproof lens, but the main body of the camera is not waterproof. It is made of aluminum and dissipates heat well. Mobius includes metal that sinks on the surface of the plastic camera case, and has a soft clear removable cover to make it weather resistant, but it is not recommended to use in hot weather. All three cameras include rechargeable batteries that can be charged while in use. The Sena and the covered Mobius cameras have a USB power cable that breaks the weather resistant seal. The INNOVV C3, however, has a power connection that does not break the waterproof lens. Both the INNOVV C3 and Mobius have true non-touch dash cam operations, which means both will start up with the bike and both have continuous loop recording. Mobius and INNOVV offer both normal and wide angles whereas the Sena 10C has 125 degree wide angle lens. For permanent mounting the camera needs to offer theft deterrence. Theft deterrence is not such an issue for the Sena because it is a helmet mount. The INNOVV offers lens mounting which allows you to mount the lens and take the main unit inside with you. With the Mobius, the base for most is a tray with a tripod screw mount. The camera easily slides in and out. Aside from mounting and weather resistance, there are several others things to take into consideration when purchasing your dash cams; electro-magnetic interference (EMI) older bikes tend to be very loud. Modern bikes tend to be more silent but still offer some EMI to a degree; also consider video editing software.