5 Vital Things You Should Keep In Mind

Shari Ives Safety Tips

What you should consider every time you ride…

1. Assume you’re invisible…

If you dress in black gear on a black bike, what do others see? Not you!

2. Dress for the crash, not the pool

Shorts, flip flops and sneakers are not motorcycle gear than can prevent injuries.

3. Leave your ego at home

No road rage. You are out to have fun and be safe

4. Pay attention

Inattention is a leading factor in crashes. Pay attention to the road don’t day dream

5. Left turning cars…

…remain the #1 killer of MC’s Drivers entering your right of way. Intersections! This is usually the scenario. Think like a driver, ride like a biker. Think about that. If you come into that intersection flashing your high beams to tell the car driver you are coming, what did you just say to that driver? “Go ahead and cut me off”. Remember the car drivers might not ride, but you do drive a car.

Make sense?

I hope these will help you. Ride safe! Remember, the safest way to learn is in an MSF Basic Rider Course!