2016 Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Iron 883 And Forty-Eight – First Ride Review

Shari Ives Cool Stuff

Sportsters have been the most bare-knuckled of Harley Davidson’s motorcycle models. With the launch of the “Dark Custom Line” in 2008, Harley aimed to attract young adults between ages 19 and 34. The 2016 Iron 833 and Forty-Eight has received stylish new makeovers in addition to upgrades across the Sportster line. Despite the Iron being a production motorcycle, the 882 carries on that pure industrial aesthetic. This doesn’t mean the Iron couldn’t get some new touches. For example, the 9-spoke cast aluminum wheels feature highlights with a black finish. While most of the engine stayed the same, the look has been upgraded with a blacked out exhaust system as well as a round air filter, which exposes more of the engine. The fork utilizes triple-rate progressive springs and new piston and valve stacks to add more consistent absorption of road irregularities over the length of its travel and is designed to resist the wheel from hopping during heavy braking. Listening to feedback, the company added in better shocks, allowing better control and the capability to decrease the harshness from jolting. Even with all the upgrades, the model is not perfect. For instance, the left peg drags. The forty-eight also had some big changes such as the 9 spoke, a new rear suspension, and new cartridge fort internals. Like the 883 this bike also features the blacked out engine. New cast aluminum wheels, which have been painted black, allow tubeless tires some rotational mass savings and quicker steering. The seat now has a curve to prevent you from falling off during acceleration. Most of the bike, excluding the tank paint, is black including the muffler and finders. Like the 883, this bike has had many wonderful upgrades, but has some negatives as well. For instance, it could use a power upgrade and more cornering clearance.

Via Motorcycle.com