Top 10 Good Things About Being A Middle-Aged Motorcyclist!

Shari Ives Cool Stuff

  1. Airhawk and Gel seats


Airhawks and gels seats are well worth the money you will spend on them. They are very comfortable and even have heated seats, which you will love on those cold mornings.


  1. Lightweight, Simple, Fixed Income Motorcycles


Lightness extends to the price. One of our favorites is Kawasaki Versys 650, new last year, with rubber engine mounts and other improvements that will make it one of the world’s “do it all” bikes for less than eight grand.


  1. Get to hang out with kids.


Motorcycles are more socially acceptable than some things that middle age people do to try to stay in touch with the younger generation. They are just the right amount of antisocial and dangerous to still be cool.


7, Electronic Jamming Devices: ABS


The BMW K100RS was the first bike to appear with antilock brakes. While this did keep the wheel from locking, it was jerky in progress. Now ABS is mandatory on all large bikes and optional on nearly every bike sold here.


  1. Traction Control


Traction control is great to have on a rainy day. There are various ride modes many new bikes employ; the electronic suspension lets you go from plush to battle stations with the press of a button.


  1. Honda NC700X


While Honda may have shrunk its sports bike line lately, it has been doing its share for those of us whose buying power has eroded since the Bush Economic Miracle. The Honda NC700X is the ultimate codger/cheapskate bike.


  1. Electronic Fuel Injection


Even the simplest carburetor is a nightmare of spring loaded intricate parts held together by the softest available miniature Phillips-head screws.


  1. Aprilia Caponord


Great handling on and off pavement, and all boxes ticked including slightly archaic cruise control. The Caponord’s the one that speaks to me.


  1. Riding keeps your brain young.


Riding a motorcycle is a risk-taking behavior, which should induce emotional and physical stress.


  1. And number one



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