Shari Ives Cool Stuff

The Energica’s electric Ego 45 was rolled off the truck of John Clelland and Eric Nicolulis at Seattle Used Bikes. This bike sports copious carbon fiber and radio mount Brembos across the black OZ racing wheels. The Energica howls through the straight cut gears of its reduction drive. The Italians do not focus on speed; their focus is experiencing movement. Energica effortlessly translates this sense of velocita dolce. The intentions are to hijack your pleasure centers by placing your entire focus on “go, stop, turn.” When riding your Ego, Earth revolves around you.


Microprocessors transfer drive torque to your contact patch’s limit of strain. Tire slip is programmable, but wheelies will require a more complex hack than fanning the clutch.


There are no valves to fiddle, injectors to clog, or free-play to adjust. Soon, gasoline will be a warm, distant memorie just as oil lamps have become. Not everybody wants that. We insist eBikes are soulless. Technology is good, speed is addictive, and piston count is irrelevant. eHaters are confessing fears that our hard-won skills are obsolete, our freedoms are threatened, and our self sorted “cool” is slipping.


Either way, the Ego is worth a test drive. We all have to try new things at some point, and the Ego strips away excuses with relentless, digital accountability. Buy the Energica Ego only if it makes you yearn to hack software.