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Custom bikes are rare in SE Asia. Since most owners prefer to keep their bikes stock, these two BMW twins are a delight. These stunning boxers come from K-speed, which is based in Bangkok; the store is an established parts and accessories store with branches across the country.  Vintage bikes are so rare in Thailand that the prices for them are very high. For an R69 the price is over one million Baht! ($28,000 US Dollars.)


K-Speed customized a 1991 BMW R100R and a 1985 BMW R80. With the R100R, K-Speed lowered the front forks and fitted a YSS shock out back. They added an 18’’ rear wheel to match the 18’’ front stock wheel and wrapped both in Firestones. The bike also received a new fuel pump, which came from a Honda TL125, new headlight, new taillight, and even low-slung bars with Takegawa controls and tiny LED speedo.


On the second bike, the R80, K-speed left the seat and sub-frame a little more substantial on this bike and lowered the forks a tad less. The fuel tank on this one is custom made, but the bar and control combo is the same as the Bobster R100R.


Both tanks are adorned with BMW roundels and painted monochrome schemes and have a slight roughness to each bike.