Why should I take a class with Motorcycle Riding Centers?

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We are the top-rated school in New Jersey for learning to ride a motorcycle for these reasons:

  • We have enthusiastic and caring instructors who are passionate about safety and devote full attention toward helping students learn to ride properly
  • Our instructors have extensive riding experience and have undergone rigorous training to attain their certifications
  • We administer the curriculum set forth by the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)-the largest and most respected organization for motorcycle safety in the country.
  • Prior experience is not required to take our class – We take you through all the fundamentals from the “ground up”
  • We provide a facilitated learning environment that stresses riding and safety fundamentals to ensure a positive riding experience during and after class completion
  • We provide personal attention, coaching and flexibility to help you expand skills and increase your confidence in managing all riding activities
  • We work hard to make your learning time fun at all levels: Academically, socially, and experientially. Check out our Google and Facebook reviews to see comments from past students who have taken our course!

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