Seeing the signs And staying safe

Shari Ives Instruction


Motorcyclists need to take in a great deal of information when they are riding. In addition to navigating traffic, pedestrians, obstacles, challenging road conditions, etc., riders also need to obey road laws and use sign-based information to remain informed, so they can manage their motorcycles though varying road conditions.

Use the information you get from road signs to keep you extra safe on the road. For example: Motorcyclists and truck drivers get extra information when entering curves (suqqested speeds, curve sign designation and the placement of chevron signs (arrows) to indicate how “tight” a curve may be).

Scan aggressively while riding and pay attention to all road signs. They will help set up your motorcycle for proper execution under most road conditions. Pay special attention to signs that identify challenging road conditions (narrowing bridges, lanes added or removed from a road, reverse (switchback) turns, etc.)

Always remember that all black and white signs are the law. You must always obey these signs (this includes speed limits, turns, merging, etc.) whenever you ride. Make sure you allow plenty of stopping, slowing or other preparation time to accommodate changes in road conditions, as each of these signs indicate.