Motorcycle Riders’ 5 Top Pet Peeves

Shari Ives Instruction, Safety Tips

In a recent survey completed by Harris Poll for Erie Insurance Company, motorcycle riders shared their pet peeves about drivers of other vehicles, fellow motorcycle riders, and mistakes new motorcyclists often make.

One pet peeve of motorcycle riders is that new riders make several errors on the road. In terms of common mistakes, new motorcycle riders often make the error that they think other drivers can see them. They don’t realize car drivers will often check for other cars when changing lanes and other traffic maneuvers, but forget to pay attention to motorcycles sharing the roadway. This is often due to the smaller physical presence motorcycles represent in traffic, which makes it difficult to see them. Motorcyclists are especially difficult to see during inclement weather.

Coincidentally, this is a similar pet peeve motorcyclists have about drivers in general. Fifty-five percent of motorcycle riders polled said they don’t appreciate when drivers forget to look in their blind spot before moving over into another lane. They also didn’t like drivers who text while operating a motor vehicle or don’t use turn signals.

In terms of other motorcycle riders, their pet peeves include motorcyclists who go around traffic and onto the shoulder of the road or ride in between stopped cars at traffic lights. Other motorcyclists that drive aggressively and pull dangerous stunts such as wheelies often peeve motorcycle riders as well. Drivers that don’t wear helmets or wear inappropriate clothing like beach sandals and summer shorts while riding are hazardous to everyone around them

Motorcycling provides freedom and fun to riders of all ages. However, it presents a challenge to make sure that other motorcyclists and car drivers are staying aware of the presence of motorcycles. In addition, motorcyclists have an obligation to ride safely and avoid stunts that make all riders look bad — risky stunts put motorcycle enthusiasts and drivers at risk on the road.