What kind of life are you living?

Shari Ives Beginner

If you’re not embracing many moments in your life, are you enjoying it? True, many definitions of “happiness” exist, but at its most basic, it could mean having no regrets on your deathbed. No “what ifs.” No “I wish I had…” thoughts.

A true life is not held back by fear, and learning to ride a motorcycle can be part of truly living life. Do you crave freedom? A motorcycle could be the solution.

Embrace Freedom

Freedom is something that many people have a hard time “seizing” or even fully understanding. That’s because freedom means different things to different people.

One person may need the freedom of a motorcycle to escape from stresses such as an ill spouse, a hectic job or a critical inner voice. Another person may crave the freedom of a motorcycle due to a sense of adventure. A third person might need freedom to challenge himself or herself. On a motorcycle, you experience unparalleled joy, and that can be a freedom in itself. You also have the opportunity to meet all types of wonderful people.

Freedom From Fear

Perhaps the most important freedom that motorcyclists experience is the freedom from fear. Even those who are scared to ride at first eventually realize that they can learn at their own pace and that motorcycles are safer than ever. Bit by bit, they conquer their fears and achieve. They reap the rewards of their blossoming confidence.

The Freedom to Be Yourself

For many people, being yourself is a brave move. Many folks have to reject the expectations of society or their families to find themselves or to be true to themselves. With motorcycles, you can:

  • Join a society of fellow enthusiasts that crosses socioeconomic, age and gender gaps, among others.
  • Carve out a space that is all yours (if you so choose).
  • Explore what it is you want out of life.

On a daily basis, you get to see life from an extraordinary perspective. Being one with the bike offers clarity and peace, and it lets you live life the way it’s meant to be lived.