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The long-established annual Bike EXIF Top 10 is driven by social shares, website traffic, and links. However, relying on data alone means that some commendable custom motorcycles do not get the kudos they deserve. For the first time, here’s a subjective and unranked Top 10 Editor’s Choice list.

  1. Auto Fabrica Type 6 – The London workshop featured three Auto Fabrica bikes in 2015, but the standout bike was the Yamaha XS650. It has streamlined bodywork in 2.5mm aluminum, a swooping exhaust system, and even made the cover of the Gentlemen’s Edition of The Ride: 2nd Gear.
  1. Supercharged BMW R80 by VTR Customs – With a homemade fuel injection system, custom ECU, and Rotrex supercharge, there is nothing conservative about this bike.
  1. Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl – While there is a slow but steady stream of hand built Leggeros leaving the workshop of Walt Siegl, this one really caught our eye. It is commissioned by a client who wanted a completely naked bike with a classic look.
  1. Bunker Customs Triumph Bonneville – With a staggering level of finish and a substantial power upgrade this is one of our all-time favorites. The restyle is subtle but effective.
  1. Roland Sands RD400 – This Yamaha was the fastest machine on display at the Born Free show. The race-spec RD400 motor is hooked up by hand made expansion chambers and cradled in a TZ250 frame.
  1. ER Motorcycles Thompson – The Slovenian workshop is famed for its craftsmanship, and this bike proves it. The frame is from an R69S, the engine and transmission from an R100, and there are R50 and R80 bits elsewhere. It all pulls together perfectly, however, and has a factory built look.
  1. NYC Norton Commando – This is a rare instance where a highly technical build also looks drop dead gorgeous.
  1. Kaffeemaschine #17 Moto Guzzi – Built for a client who lives thousands of feet above sea level in Colorado, the engine has been rebuilt with a crank, a hotter cam, big valves, and ported heads.
  1. Alex Earle’s Ducati Monster – Instead of following a well-trodden path, Alex Earle gave his Ducati lashing of carbon fiber.
  2. Ed Turner’s Suzuki GSX1100 – Karl Frenchman of Ed Turner’s workshop built an all new frame and compact fiberglass tank for this 1980s Japanese superbike.


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