Advanced Ridercourse (BRC 2)

This is a one day class for people who have ridden approx. 1,000 miles or more and would like to practice on your own motorcycles.

Anyone who took a Basic Rider Course should take this course even if you have ridden less than 1,000 miles. It is also good for someone who hasn’t ridden all winter and needs some practice in a parking lot with an instructor.

You should take this course every 2-3 years at a minimum to brush up on your skills. Insurance discounts are only good for 3 years, so take this class to get the discount if your insurance offers one.

Do you ride with a club, group, or friends that needs to practice their skills? Call us and we can arrange a class just for your group. Classes can be weekdays.

This course is strongly recommended for your safety by Motorcycle Riding Centers. 

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Upcoming BRC-2 Courses

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