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Thinking about getting your motorcycle license in New Jersey? Learn more about our RiderCourses below

The best place for you to start once you’ve made the decision to ride. Serves as a license test waiver program in New Jersey. Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use during the course. Also, a course completion card may earn you an insurance discount.

Do you already have basic skills? This class is similar to the BRC except the speeds are higher and you should be riding your own motorcycle. It is an excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing basic riding skills.

We are the only provider in NJ to offer private lessons! Our veteran staff will come to your home and spend time with you on a one-on-one basis to help you build the confidence you need to get on that bike and get out on the road. It’s our personal service just for you.

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 Safety 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Why learn on the streets when you can learn easily in a structured and safe environment? We teach you in wide open areas using modern motorcycles to ensure your learning experience is as easy and smooth as possible.



Our RiderCoaches are here to get you road-ready during your class. We’ll work with you on form, technique, safety and much much more! We’re here to pass on our over 300 years of combined motorcycle experience. Have a question? Just ask!



We learned a lot and we really enjoyed the class. Motorcycle Riding Centers was the only choice for doing it the right  way. Now our garage has graduated to two scooters and a Honda shadow. The whole family rides!

— Joe & Ben Rumeau

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That’s why Motorcycle Riding Centers will only communicate with you using your most private form of communication: Email. Not to worry, no one will know you’re taking our class except you.



Meet Our RiderCoaches™

Shari rides a 2009 Harley Davidson Electra Glide with over 50,000 miles on it

Shari Ives

Program Director

I have been coaching for 9 years and love every minute of my job. I did Route 66 in 2007, the Canadian Rockies in 2008, as well as 40 states that I have ridden to and through. I’ve even had laws changed in NJ to help make the process of getting your license easier and safer. Everyone knows me as a huge advocate of safety when it comes to motorcycles and from what I wear when I ride. Bright colors and lots of lights on the bike! I practice what I preach, and hope to meet you in a class in the near future!

Nothing makes Mike smile more than the open road on two wheels



Hi! my name is Mike DeProspo and I’ve been a RiderCoach here at the Motorcycle Riding Centers for the past 3 years. I am a retired Motorcycle Police Officer. I have been riding motorcycles for 40 years & I have probably ridden close to half a million miles. My goal as a RiderCoach is to help new riders operate their motorcycles safely. We live in the most densely congested area of the Country (NY/NJ Metro area) and with proper training I feel that riders will have a safe & successful ride.

Bobby loves seeing his students riding safely out on the road



I’ve been riding motorcycles since the age of 10 (riding and racing dirt bikes) and started riding on the road in 1996. I am a Maryland State Police Motorcycle instructor since 2005 and have been a MSF instructor for the past six years. The best feeling, for me, is when someone new to riding starts on the first day not knowing much if anything about riding a motorcycle. Then the second day they ride!!! The looks on my students faces makes teaching very fulfilling.  I want my classes to be fun and interesting so my students get the most out of them. I hope to see you soon!

Joe is a MSP Certified Motorcycle Officer



I’ve owned and ridden several different motorcycles since I was 12. I got my motorcycle license back in 1980. I am currently certified to coach the Basic RiderCourse, Advanced RiderCourse, Military Sport Bike RiderCourse,  and the AAA Driver Improvement Program. I drive school buses too! I became a RiderCoach because I want to pass on my knowledge of riding so that others may ride safely. Riding is fun! I get paid to do something I love.

Bobby is a MSP Certified Motorcycle Officer



Bobby has been riding motorcycles for 40 years and has ridden and owned numerous makes and models. He is a Maryland State Police Certified Motorcycle Officer and rides year-round.

Bobby has a strong passion for riding and rider safety which is the major reason why he instructs with and believes in the Motorcycle Riding Centers.

Alex has two loves, riding his Police Motorcycle for work, and teaching people how to ride safely.



Hey, I’m Alex, and I’ve been riding for years. For those “I’ve never been on a bike before” rider, it’s great to get to see the person go through the learning stage. Once it clicks for them, the expression of pure enjoyment and accomplishment on their faces is priceless. It’s also pretty cool when they come back after some time and tell you of their journeys and experiences. That’s what it’s all about for me. Hopefully I’ll see you in class soon and you can tell me all about YOU.

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